Your Wedding is Ridiculous!

A wedding is more than a little bit ridiculous. Yes, I just said that. Me. The Wedding Photographer. The person who depends on the wedding industry to earn a living in order to feed my children and keep myself in flowery dresses. But before you stalk off in disgust. Hear me out. Ridiculous is no bad thing. I think we should all be ridiculous more often. I’m a 32 year old woman who can’t go to sleep without listening to my Harry Potter audiobooks, that’s ridiculous, but I still like myself.

If you stop to think about it, a wedding is a truly ridiculous thing. You spend an obscene amount of money on one day. Wear a dress that you would never wear in the real world, spend more time planning the perfect colour scheme that you even spent thinking about buying your first car, you stress over inconsequential details and give your every spare moment over to the whole planning process.

But for most people it results in the best, most enjoyable, adrenalin fuelled, emotional day. Surrounded by your favourite people and revelling in that very non-ridiculous decision to commit yourselves to one another for life.

So  what’s my message here? There’s nothing wrong in getting a bit ridiculous now and again. There’s nothing wrong in investing financially and emotionally in one day. But the joy of recognising and embracing the ridiculousness means that when it starts getting a bit much, when you feel your inner bridezilla rearing up, when you start feeling overwhelmed,  you can just stop and remember how ridiculous it all is. And it would be ridiculous to get stressed about something so ridiculous wouldn’t it?

You’re essentially planning a massive party. And all good parties are carefree and happy affairs. And because it’s a party, it can be as ridiculous as you want it to be. The most succesful wedding I’ve photographed are where the bride and groom have gone with this line of thinking.  No one turns up to a party and leaves in disgust because the table runners don’t quite match the napkins. No one judges you because the cake is little bit homemade looking (they probably love it even more). No one that you love will go away from your big day and comment on it’s imperfections. In fact, they wont even notice the imperfections.

Do you know what they will notice though? If you turned into a total fruitloop in the wedding planning process because you had to have everything just so. If you give up every aspect of your social life for two years just so you can afford that balloon arch over the table that you dont really care about anyway, Or if you spend your whole wedding day walking round with a face on because something isn’t quite how you wanted it to be. That’s what they will remember. So don’t do that. Ok.

Wedding planning should be a fun and enjoyable process. There’s no right or wrong way to do it. Only your way. If it feels wrong to spend hundred of pounds on something that you don’t have any interest in – then don’t do it. If you want to blow your hard earned cash on something ridiculous that will make you happy – go for it. Doing something crazy – yes yes yes. Doing something you don’t want to because you think you have to – no no no.

Make it your own type of ridiculous. x