Why I love Bride Prep

Bridal prep is probably my most favourite part of the whole day. Just think about it – you’ve been planning this day for months, maybe even years, and the day is finally here. The people you love – your mum, bridesmaids, best friends, sisters – they are all with you. The hairdresser arrives, the champagne is popped, the dress is hung up waiting. There is such a wonderful atmosphere of nervous excitement and I just love being a part of it.

From a practical point of view I love bride prep because it gives me a chance to get to know everyone a little better before any of the formal photographs start. It means by the ceremony and reception everyone is more relaxed around me and the camera and I get so much better images as a result.

I’m also a massive fan of the details. I’ve said this before – I’m a sucker for pretty. The dress hung up, the shoes, flowers, jewellery – I love it all. Covering bridal prep gives me a unique opportunity to capture beautiful images of these important details in a way that wouldn’t be possible later in the day.

The emotions – another biggie for me. Capturing your Dad cry as he sees you in your dress for the first time, or your bridesmaid’s excitement as you enter the room. Boom!

More and more people are booking full day wedding coverage and having the bridal preparations covered. Here’s a few tips to help you make the most of this time.

Location – If you have booked your photographer to cover bride prep spend some time considering the location. Are you getting ready in the hotel? If so ask to see the room beforehand. Make sure it’s big enough for everyone who is going to be there and there’s lot of natural light. This is really important for photographs but your hair and makeup artist will thank you too!

Are you getting ready at home. That can make for wonderful images too. However, we all have a tendancy to look past the clutter and mess in our own home (I am VERY guilty of this). The last thing you are probably going to want to do the night before the wedding is do a big clean but having a quick tidy up of the rooms you are going to get ready in will make a huge difference to your images.

Little details make a big difference – if you and your bridesmaids are all getting ready at home why not invest in some lovely matching dressing gowns. This makes for a beautiful casual group image and no one will be self concious about their well worn pyjamas! Get some wooden coat hangers for the dresses – they look so much better than the plastic ones. Simple things make such a huge difference.

Finally, don’t be self-conscious. It’s our job as photographers to give you beautiful images. If you are not particularly loving the idea of photographs before you have your make up applied don’t panic! We’re there to capture the emotions and to document the day. The close up bridal portrait can wait until you’ve applied the lippy!