I absolutely LOVE shooting weekday weddings! Mid-week weddings are getting increasingly popular and many couples are opting for them. 

What are the benefits of a midweek wedding? 

Well the most obvious benefit is of course cost. Most wedding venues and suppliers have empty diaries during the week and many of them will offer you a decent discount for weekday weddings. If the wedding budget doesnt quite match your wedding aspirations then choosing to have a mid week wedding can really help you stretch it and achieve the wedding of your dreams. 

You might worry that you’re guests will think you selfish for choosing a midweek date but actually a weekday wedding can save guests a lot of money too. Hotels and wedding accommodation are likely to be much cheaper on a weekday. The costs of staying over can easily be halved. Your guests might be able to treat themselves to an extra night away or a fancier hotel midweek for the same price as one weekend night.

Get your dream venue and suppliers – maybe you’ve planned your wedding down to a tee on Pinterest but it turns out that the venue you’ve got your heart set on has no summer dates available for the next 2 year. Choose a midweek date and you’ve suddenly blown their diary wide open!

Depending on the venue you’ve chosen, having a midweek wedding can pay off in other ways too. Some hotels and wedding venues are open to the public as well. Sometimes that means there are lots of ‘strangers’ hanging around your wedding venue. Choosing a weekday wedding date can sometimes mean your venue will be much quieter and feels more exclusive.

If you’re getting married in a scenic area such as the Lake District and you want to head to a beauty spot for portraits, you might find it’s overrun with walkers and tourists on a sunny Saturday – again on a weekday it’s likely to be much quieter.

  You can make a bit of a holiday out of it. Many of your friends and family may need to take some time off work for a mid-week wedding. So this is the perfect opportunity to make a little holiday out of your wedding day. Book some accommodation for before and after the wedding and you get to extend the wedding day fun! You could even go the extra mile and research some tourist spots in the area or suggestions for holiday cottages to send to your guests. 

What are the potential problems with a mid-week wedding

It’s your big day of course but you want to spend it with your favourite people to make it even more special. The fact is that not everyone can get time off during the week.  If you’ve got friends or family who are teachers for example – they might really struggle to get a mid-week date off work during term time but they could have loads of availability during the school holidays.  Only you will know what problems this was potentially cause. 

If price is a big factor in choosing a midweek wedding then you may need to do more research in terms of your suppliers. Not every wedding supplier will offer mid-week discounts. After all, a midweek wedding is no less work than a weekend one.  And for some suppliers mid-week bookings can actually incur more costs – such as childcare for example. So don’t be surprised if not every supplier you approach is willing to offer some money off their normal prices. I personally do offer a midweek wedding discount for a couple of reasons – firstly, simple supply and demand. Midweek dates are much less likely to get booked in comparison to prime weekend dates. But secondly and more importantly, shooting more midweek weddings allows me to take more weekends off to spend with my family. This won’t apply to every wedding or suppliers so please do reach out and ask them. 

I hope this helps if you’re planning a mid-week wedding. I do offer a discount for weekday weddings taking place Monday – Thursday because I bloody love ’em. So if you’ve got a midweek wedding in the planning please visit my contact page and get in touch. I’d love to hear from you.