Five Ways to Market Your Photography Business Today

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You build a beautiful photography website, set up your social media account, create amazing images, put it all out there for the world to see and wait. Crickets. The truth is the photography industry is a saturated market. There are a zillion amazing photographers out there vying for the attention of a limited number of customers. Despite that many many photographers thrive and build successful and fulfilling businesses and a massive part of that is down to marketing.

“I’m rubbish at marketing myself” is something I read a lot in photography forums. But what you don’t realise is, by existing in the photography world you’re already sort of marketing yourself. Why not just try and do it a bit better?

One of the best things I’ve done this year is write a list of daily marketing activities. Some are 5 minute jobs, some would take up the best part of a day whilst others are ongoing projects that I’m gradually chipping away at. Each day I try and complete two of the tasks. Here’s my challenge to you – write your own list of daily marketing activities. Have it up somewhere you can see and aim to do at least two a day.

To give you a little helping hand on your way here’s 5 of my favourite activities.

1. Update my Pinterest Boards ( 2 minutes – 15 minutes)

Pinterest is gaining traction year on year. Almost every bride I meet with has a pinterest board. If you’ve only a few minutes to spare just pin a few new images to your boards. If you can spare a little longer then start a new board. Keep in mind what your couples may be searching for – how about a board with floral inspiration or groomswear? Use Pinterest to link back to your website so you’re getting traffic too.

2. Share an image to Instagram. (1 minute task)

Instagram is the perfect platform for photographers to show off their work. There’s lots of other wedding vendors on there for your inspiration and to network with but there’s also a lot of brides to be planning their big day. One of my recent brides told me it was their favourite wedding planning tool. Reseach some key hashtags to get in front of your target customers  and you’re away. I try to post twice a day and I share the post to my Facebook page meaning I’m marketing on two platforms at once!

3. Submit one of your weddings to a wedding blog (15 minutes – 1 hour depending on the blog’s submission guidelines.)

There are literally hundreds to choose from. The main thing here is to get over the fear of rejection. Some of the bigger wedding blogs receive hundreds of submissions a week meaning the likelihood of your submission being accepted is always going to be slim. But don’t let the fear of failure put you off, or actual failure in fact. If your submission gets rejected just send it somewhere else. Having your work featured on wedding blogs means you are put in front of lots more potential customers and you receive those all important backlinks which helps your google ranking. I’ve got a whole blog post about submitting to blogs.

4. Write a blog post (15 minutes – 1 hour)

There’s so many reasons to write regular blog posts. Google loves fresh content on your website so it’ll benefit your SEO. Good, quality content will encourage people to engage with you and it’ll drive visitors to your site. Writing a blog post that’s helpful and informative will establish your expertise in your area. There’s also so many things you can blog about – your most recent wedding or portrait session, helpful tips and advise or highlighting other vendors or venues to name but a few.

4. Make a connection to another wedding vendor (15 minutes)

Word of mouth referrals and recommendations by other wedding vendors are an amazing and often untapped marketing strategy. Be sure to get the details of as many of the other wedding suppliers at each wedding you shoot that way once the images are ready you can get in touch with them to share the images of their product – thus creating goodwill and increased exposure for both of you. Plus it’s always nice to make friends!

5. Share an old blog post to Facebook or Twitter. (5 minutes)

This is great one for a busy day when you dont have the time to create new content. Have a look back through your old blog posts, is there one you can share again? Don’t let it sit on your website doing nothing, put it back to work for you! I share winter wedding tips when it snows, or an article on how to choose your wedding photographer during the busy booking season. You could share weddings from last year so that your new followers get a chance to see them.

Here’s my challenge to you – write a list of daily marketing activities for your business. Start with 10 things and add to them as you think of more. Make sure your list is a mixture of short 5 minute jobs, tasks that take you an hour or longer and even a couple of long term projects that you could work on over weeks and months. Having a mixture like this will allow you to complete one or two tasks even on the very busiest day.

If you’d like to chat in more detail about your business and how to improve your marketing strategy please have a look at my mentoring page. I offer a range of sessions for photographers and creatives who are serious about building their business.