Random Wedding Facts

random wedding facts


It all started when…

So you’re wedding planning. It’s a bit crazy isn’t it? As a professional photographer within the wedding industry there’s loads of wedding randomness that I just take for granted. But I’ve come to realise, after speaking to many, many couples in the early days of their wedding planning that actually all that random wedding knowledge needs to be shared. 


1. You might not be allowed photographs of your wedding ceremony. 

What the?!!!! Oh yep. I hear you. That sounds a bit ridiculous but sadly lots of churches and the occasional registrar have very strict rules about photography during the ceremony. (Probably because they’ve been annoyed by some inconsiderate photographer in the past. Sometimes it means we’re asked to stand in one place and not move during the ceremony but sometimes we’re told we can’t take any images during the wedding ceremony. That’s obviously a bit rubbish because we want to capture those memories for you, but I’ll always respect the rules laid out by the clergy or registrar (I’m a goody-two-shoes like that). The worst thing is when the bride and groom are only told on their wedding day that photographs aren’t allowed. That’s just not fair so please make sure you have the conversation with your registrars or clergy before the wedding day so there are no nasty surprises. 


2. There are no standard shots. 

Weddings today are sooooo much different than they were even 5 or 10 years ago. There’s almost nothing you can’t do. The places you can choose to get married in, the dress you can wear, the food you can eat – there’s no end of possibilities. That makes my job ridiculous exciting and enjoyable – every wedding is completely different. I literally never get bored of photographing wedding days. But it does mean one important thing – there are no standard shots. I’m there to photograph your day as it happens and tell your story – not someone else’s. So I don’t ask for a huge list of shots that you want throughout the day, or a Pinterest board of images you like. If you’ve booked me to shoot your wedding I want you to trust me to do my thing and capture your day. 

 I probably don’t have to tell you – but families can be complicated! Family group shots are still an important part of the wedding day. It’s often the only chance you’ve got to get the whole family together for a picture. But I don’t know your family and it’s unique little quirks. I don’t know who you’re close to (and who you may not be…erm, quite as close to!) So there are no standard family shots – I’ll ask you for a list of family and group shots, if you want something I need to know about it. 


3. Those ’10 things you should ask your wedding photographer’ lists from magazines are stoooopid. 

Perhaps stupid is a bit harsh. But, well, sometimes they are. 

It’s really important you choose your wedding photographer, and other wedding suppliers very carefully. And that means asking a few questions. I have a page of Frequently Asked Questions on my website, so I’m hopefully answering a lot of those questions before we even chat to one another. You should never feel bad about asking questions – any genuine wedding supplier will be happy to help. That being said, those lists of questions you find in wedding magazines can be really odd. Think of the questions that are important to you – does it really matter to you if you’re photographer has worked with your florist before? 


4. I don’t need to have shot at your venue before

This is one of those questions that you’ll find on the magazine list. Ask your photographer if they’ve shot at your venue before. This should not be a make or break it question. Like most photographers there are certain venues that I visit fairly regularly – and that’s great in lots of ways. I know all the good spots, I know the staff and how they work. I know the particular quirks of the venue. But actually shooting at the same venue again and again and again isn’t conducive to creativity. Shooting at a new venue gives us the chance to see something in a fresh light. A new venue brings challenges of course – what’s the lighting going to be like? Where can group shots happen? A professional photographer can work in pretty much any lighting situation and a quick look around the venue will give us the opportunity to find spots for pictures. Choose a photographer whose style you love and trust them to do a good job at whichever venue you are getting married at. 


5. You don’t have to do everything

The absolute joy of planning a wedding today is that traditions are no longer as important as they once were. You can make your day 100% personal. Just because you’ve been to a dozen weddings which have been done a certain way, doesn’t mean you have to do that. Choose what is important to you as a couple  – not what everyone else thinks you should do. Choose to blow your budget on things you love and scrimp and save on things you don’t care about. 


If you’d like more helpful hints and wedding planning tips please visit my wedding planning blog.