Here’s a few of the usual questions that pop up. If you have any more feel free to email me at any time.

How will we receive our images ?

Within a few days of your wedding I’ll send you a preview blog post containing 10-15 images from your wedding. Feel free to share that with your friends and family. After the wedding I’ll start working on editing your images and within 6 weeks you’ll receive your online gallery. You can download all the images in high – resolution from the gallery, share it with family and friends and use it buy prints.

Will all our images be edited? 

Yes – every single one is individually edited with my own secret recipe.

Do you do a venue visit? 

As a general rule I don’t do venue visits before the wedding. There’s a good chance that I’ve already shot a wedding at your venue before. Having shot so many weddings I can handle all venue and lighting situations and I always have all my equipment with me. If possible I’ll arrive early to your venue on the day to have a look around.

Do we need a second shooter? 

You may have already booked one but if not you can add a second photographer to your package any time up to 2 weeks before the wedding. Having a second photographer means you’ll get more images from the day and it means we can cover two addresses for morning preparations. If you’re having a very big wedding or you have a very tight timeline then a second photographer is highly recommended.

Should we book a pre-wed shoot? 

There’s definitely not a yes or no answer to this. Pre-wed shoots are great for some couples and can really improve their wedding pictures. But not everyone needs one. I’ve got a whole blog post on pre-wed shoots here.

Do we need to feed you? 

Weddings are long days so a meal is always gratefully received especially if your venue doesn’t have the option to buy a meal on the day. I absolutely do not obligate my clients to provide a meal – I just like to know if advance so I can pack the lunchbox if needed!