The Marketing Bootcamp Workshop 


 Marketing. You know it’s important. But it’s something you struggle with. Maybe it even terrifies you a little bit. Where do you start, what to do, who to target?  Social media, paid advertising, website, blogging: the list of what you think you should be doing is endless. You’ve spent money and seen no return, you’ve no idea what direction to try next. You’re basically throwing your time and pennies in random directions and hoping for the best? Overwhelm right? 

Well guess what. I LOVE marketing. Love, love, lovity, love it. It’s the reason I get hundreds of enquiries per year, why I can choose which clients to work with and why my diary is fully booked. I want you to love marketing too. I want you to use it to build your own successful, profitable and most importantly, enjoyable business. I don’t come from a marketing or business background so if I can do it so can you! 

Like any good bootcamp my marketing workshop is going to work you hard! It might leave you feeling a little battered and bruised from all the info but you’ll be raring to go. What’s more you’ll have ideas to take away and put into action immediately.  And don’t think I wont be checking up on you afterwards! As an attendee of the workshop you’ll be added into our private Facebook group where I’m always on hand for support and marketing chats – we have regular marketing challenges to get involved in and the occasional meet up too.




Who’s it for?


I’m primarily a wedding photographer but the content of this course will be applicable to all photography and small creative businesses. Whether your business is brand new or you’ve been going for a few years but don’t feel satisfied with your progress.


What will be covered?


I don’t know about you but I hate coming away from a workshop feeling like I got very little from it. Fear not, you’ll be coming away from the Marketing Bootcamp with  your notepad jammed with info and actionable tasks. Here’s what we’ll be covering on the day…

– Changing your mindset about marketing.

– Identifying and reaching your target customers:  who are they, where are they and how do you reach them?

– SEO and websites: SEO hurt your brain? Well it shouldn’t. We’ll go through the SEO basics to help you get seen and make sure your website is working for you.

– Making blogging work for you: if blogging is a chore – I’ll help make it a joy and show you how important it is and what a powerful marketing tool it can be. 

– Branding and identity: how to build a successful brand and your brand influence.




“I learnt more on your Marketing Bootcamp than I did throughout my whole uni degree. 110% recommend it.” Madeleine – Madeleine Farris Photography

” I took SO much away from this workshop. It was literally full of useful and actionable information that I honestly have no doubt will really improve by business. I have come away feeling really motivated and I can’t wait to start implement everything I learned. Honestly worth every penny…I’m so so glad I chose to invest in your workshop.” Natasha from Petal and Blush Artistry

“The workshop was AWESOME. My head hurts (in a good way) with all the things I’ve learnt. Thank you so much.” Rebecca from Think Good Get Hitched. 

“It was really amazing how much information you managed to cram all in to one day. My mind left spinning with ideas and dreams and I can’t wait to put them in to action! You were so positive, enthusiastic and kept us giggling throughout the entire day. No jargon talk, or long complicated terminology, it just made sense. You also made me feel better for being a list-aholic and made being an SEO geek cool! ” Rebecca from Storyteller Photography

“The course was AMAZING! Before the course I was feeling a little lost about my business and had no idea how to connect with couples or attract the right client for me, I’ve come away with my head feeling like its about to burst (in the best way) I’m feeling massively inspired to knuckle down and implement all my new ideas and things I learnt!” Olivia from Olivia Whittaker Photography

“Rachel, THANK YOU!!
Yesterday was just want a needed. I have been wanting to learn about marketing for the past couple of years and knew it is something I needed to learn more about. However, juggling my full time job alongside my weddings, I never seemed to make time to learn about it, meaning I have just been throwing money at Facebook adverts rather than actually thinking about my ideal client. After leaving yesterday I was buzzing with excitement. I think it was definitely the kick up to bum I needed to get myself into action.  ” Danni from Danielle Victoria Photography

” A really good day that I’ve come away from feeling yes, I can do this! Honest, valuable, relevant and informative; this workshop helped to demystify some of the marketing tools we all need to grow our businesses.” – Kathryn from Photography by Kathryn


When, Where & How?



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