The Marketing Bootcamp Workshop – 2020

Hello fellow small business owner. You’ve made your way here because you need a bit of help with your marketing. You know it’s important. But it’s something you struggle with. Maybe it even terrifies you a little bit. Where do you start, what to do, who to target?  Social media, paid advertising, website, blogging: the list of what you think you should be doing is endless. You’ve spent money and seen no return, you’ve no idea what direction to try next. You’re basically throwing your time and pennies in random directions and hoping for the best? Overwhelm right? Perhaps you’re brand new to business and not a clue where to start. Or maybe you’ve been at it a while but still feel like you’re winging it a bit?  


Well guess what?  I LOVE marketing. Love, love, lovity, love it. It’s the reason I get hundreds of enquiries per year. It’s why my diary is booked out with ideal clients who are happy to invest in my services. It’s why I HUGELY enjoy my job.  I  want you to love marketing too. I want you to use it to build your own successful, profitable and most importantly, ENJOYABLE business. I don’t come from a marketing or business background so if I can do it so can you! 

Like any good bootcamp my marketing workshop is going to work you hard! It might leave you feeling a little battered and bruised from all the info but you’ll be raring to go. What’s more you’ll have ideas to take away and put into action immediately.  And don’t think I wont be checking up on you afterwards! As an attendee of the workshop you’ll be added into our private Facebook group where I’m always on hand for support and marketing chats – we have regular marketing challenges to get involved in and frequent co-working days and meet ups too. I’ve been running the Marketing Bootcamp for the past 3 years and I’m super proud to see some of my past attendees absolutely smashing their marketing and making huge changes to their business.

What Will be Covered? 


I don’t know about you but I hate coming away from a workshop feeling like I got very little from it. Fear not, you’ll be coming away from the Marketing Bootcamp with  your notepad jammed with info and actionable tasks. Here’s a quick look at what we’ll be covering on the day…

FINDING WHAT’S ALREADY WORKING FOR YOU – My goal for marketing is to make everything as simple and easy as possible. So we’ll be starting off the day by figuring out what you’re already doing right, your strengths and what marketing opportunities are coming your way in 2020. 

IDENTIFYING YOUR IDEAL CLIENT – this is a game changer for any small business. Your ideal client is out there and waiting for you. Help them find you and your marketing will be transformed. 

BRANDING, WEBSITES, SEO and BLOGGING – we’ll be spending a big chunk of the day delving into these big topics. Creating an effective brand, making sure your website is working for you, tackling the myths and mysteries of SEO and turning blogging into a pleasure rather than a chore. 

SOCIAL MEDIA – social media can feel like a time sucking minefield. We’ll be getting down and dirty with some tricks and tips on how to make different platforms work for you without having to spend your life in Instagram pods! 

GUEST SPEAKER – I’m very pleased to be welcoming a new guest speaker to the January 2020 Bootcamp. Charlene McNab from Love Gets Sweeter Videography is coming along to chat about Instagram Stories. Charlene is a past attendee of the Bootcamp and one of my star pupils. She’s smashing Instagram Stories and will be telling us about how she’s increased her bookings through Instagram and how she uses stories to connect to her ideal clients. 

BANISHING MARKETING OVERWHELM – We’ll be finishing off the day by talking tactics and marketing plans. You’ll have the tools to create your very own achievable, enjoyable and effective marketing plan for 2020. 





Sadly it might be a while before we can meet in person but I am planning to open the doors to an online version of the workshop very soon. If you’d like to know about that when i happens please fill in my form below. 



Kind words from past attendees…

“Rachel will be the first to tell you I really over thought my decision to book on to her Boot camp. I wasn’t sure if it would be for me as at the time I’d been in business for 7 years or so. But I took the risk and I’m SO glad I did.

Yes there were things I knew already (And took joy in being the class swot) but it was great reassurance I was doing the basics right. But there were also things that really helped me reassess my marketing and have tools to reassess year on year.

So really, not only was the Boot camp a great learning day (with amazing food…it’s all about the food) but I’ve taken away things that have helped me and my business since and I’m ALWAYS going back to my notes.

So if you’re on the fence like I was I’d encourage you to give it a go and if you put things in to action the very next day you’ll be smug knowing it’s the best money you spent all year .” Charlenne from Love Gets Sweeter Photography 

“Rachel’s Marketing Bootcamp gave me the kick up the backside I needed. From ideas so simple you should have thought of them before to giving you the tips, tricks and tools to push your business forward –  I cannot reccomend it enough. A great learning environment and an understanding and educational teacher. I am no longer throwing money at things that doesnt work, it is now being invested into avenues I know will return based on things i have implemented since the course.”  Nik Bryant Photography

“Rachel’s Marketing Bootcamp workshop is hands down the best one around. Not only did Rachel deliver it in a professional way, she put ‘her spin’ on the whole thing which made the day really engaging as her bubbly personality shone through. I really can’t recommend this workshop enough, whether you’re a beginner or you’ve dabbled in SEO before, I think there’s a lot you can take away from this workshop, no matter your experience. There was some topics I knew a fair bit about already, but I just hadn’t put them into practice because I couldn’t be bothered to be pretty blunt, and now I have. It gave me the kick up the bum I needed! This workshop completely changed up my business for the better and I owe it all to Rachel!” Kieran Bellis Photography 

You can secure your spot on the workshop with a £50 deposit. Fill in the details below and I’ll send over payment details.