Manchester Town Hall Wedding

I cannot tell you how much I enjoyed being a part of Kathryn and Jonny’s Manchester city centre wedding. When we met to run through their plans a few weeks before the big day we did nothing but laugh for an hour. These two had beaming smiles on their face all day. Their happiness was infectious. I’m going to let them tell the story of their wedding….

“We met at a mutual friends 21st birthday night out over 10 years ago. We got to talking and it turned out we had grown up about 5 mins away from each other and had gone to the same 6th form college but never met each other. The night we met I (Kathryn) dropped my drink (vodka and blackcurrant) down his shirt and a few hours later over gestured with my hands and knocked a whole tray of chips and gravy down him. The next morning he messaged to say he was really pleased we had met and didn’t even care that he was sat waiting for the bus in a shirt covered in blackcurrant and gravy stains!

We got engaged on the 2nd October 2015. Jonny had recently qualified as a primary school teacher and on a Friday night he asked me to help him run through a treasure hunt game he had planned for the kids. I had to answer riddles and questions and find things hidden around our flat, in the end he had spelt out ‘will you marry me’ on our little scrabble board. I cried . . . a lot. We didn’t tell anyone and the next day went to pick a ring. The guy in the jewelers was the first person we told we were engaged.  The day after we skyped my sister in Thailand and told her then drove across to Bolton to tell the Hoyles and the Sextons. We even managed to have a three way skype call with my sister in Thailand and my brother in Dubai and us in Manchester so we could all share the excitement together.

We both have always loved the Town Hall. When we first moved in together in 2010 the thing we were most excited about was getting our first ever Christmas Tree from the market in Albert Square. We picked it up and Jonny carried it all the way back to our little flat near Castlefield. We left a trail of pine needles but we loved it. We chose Castlefield Rooms because we had always loved the food at Alberts and have been there for every major celebration, birthdays, engagements, graduations, so it felt like it would be the perfect place for us to have a little do with our loved ones after the ceremony. That plus we are super proud Mancunians (technically Jonny is a Boltonian but he’s an honorary Manc!) and the Town Hall and Castlefield are 2 of the most beautiful parts of Manchester. We met in Manchester and our first flat was just near Castlefield and we were really happy there. We must have walked around the locks and the arches hundreds of times and we always loved it. It will always be a really special place for us.”

I’m so pleased to have been able to capture these memories for Jonny and Kathryn in some of their favourite Manchester places. We had beautiful autumn light, everyone was happy, the ceremony was perfect, the venue looked amazing – we really could not have asked for more! Mr and Mrs Hoyle – THANK YOU so much for choosing me as your wedding photographer. I came home with my face hurting from smiling.

Here are my favourite images from your day……

Wedding Team:

Flowers: Blue Door Florist

Bridal Dress: Edith and Winston

Bridesmaid Dress: The White Gallery Ramsbottom

Videographer: Ben Mottershead

Wedding Cake : Zara Cakes

Transport: RM Buses

Hair and Make Up: Sarah Morten

Venue: Castlefield Rooms Manchester