Manchester Wedding Photographer – A Prewed Shoot

Emma and Alexandra turned up to their pre-wedding photoshoot looking more than a little bit nervous.  The photography of their wedding day is very important to them and I’m super pleased they’ve chosen me to for their big day. But there was no denying it – neither of them was looking forward to having their portraits taken. Strangely enough, that’s why a pre- wedding or an engagement photo shoot is such a good idea. We have the tendency to overthink things and worry about them more than we necessarily need to – and this is just what Emma and Alex had done.  And I had one hour with them to try and change their mind.

Lucky for me – it wasn’t too hard. Firstly because these two are totally besotted with each other and didn’t take much encouraging to get close and have a cuddle. Although I’ve driven past Heaton Park many times on my way to and from Manchester weddings, it’s been absolutely ages since I stepped inside. It’s huge and there are no shortages of spots for photographs. To top it off we were treated to some beautiful evening light.

As we wandered around the park we chatted about Emma and Alex’s upcoming wedding day which is taking place at the lovely Styal Lodge. It sounds like plans are well in hand and we’re really looking forward to covering their big day. In between all the chatting of course, we did manage to squeeze in some pictures. And look at these two hotties – you’d never even know they were having photo shoot nerves would you?

Emma and Alex – thank you for spending your evening with me. Here’s a few of my favourite images from your pre-wed shoot. Can’t wait for the big day in September!

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