Engagement shoots


Engagement or pre-wedding shoots. What are they? Do you need one? Do I offer them? Are they worth your time? 

Engagement shoots (sometimes known as a pre-wedding photo shoot or session) are gaining in popularity. But should you book one? I offer these sessions to all my clients, they can be booked as part of the wedding package or separately. They can be done close to the wedding or months and months in advance. 

Engagement shoots are fabulous if you love having photos together. Your wedding day can pass by in a blur of happy chaos, and we won’t necessarily have the time for a very long shoot with just the two of you. Engagement shoots however give us a whole luxurious hour of time for the shoot. We can choose a location that’s very special to you – maybe somewhere you spend a lot of time as a couple or perhaps somewhere with very romantic connections, maybe even where you got engaged! Lots of couples choose a location that offers something very different to your wedding venue so you get a real variety of images. Perhaps we can go trekking in the Lakes, walking through the woods or hipster it up in the city. Whatever you like! 

The session is all about getting you some beautiful images to keep forever, but more importantly, it’s about getting used to being in front of the camera.  A strange experience for most people for sure! I want to show you that it’s not as scary and as awkward as you might have made yourself believe it will be. I want to show you how I work, how I’ll get you to interact with each other and the kind of gentle guidance I’ll be offering to make you look amazing! 

I don’t pose. I do direct. I don’t do cheese. I do do authentic. I’m not that fussed about epic. I’d much rather have real. I want to give you a beautiful selection of images that really reflect you as a couple and your relationship. 

If you’re even the tiniest bit worried about being in front of the camera you should consider booking an engagement session before your big day.