Dogs at Weddings

What do we want? Dogs at weddings! When do we want it? ALLLLLL the time. I’m so lucky to have shot a number of doggy friendly weddings and a massive dog lover they are unsurprisingly my FAVE! 

Are you planning on having your four legged friend as part of your wedding celebrations? Well why not? They are part of the family aren’t they. Lots of my lovely couples choose to include their furry companions in the wedding plans but it’s not always straight forward. Here’s some hints and tips to help.

1. Choose a dog friendly venue

Not every venue will allow pets on site and some won’t allow your dogs to be left alone in the bedroom. If having your doggo is an important part of your wedding plans then check with your venue if they can be accommodated. A few of my favourite doggie friendly wedding venues are – Holmes Mill, Clitheroe, Eaves Hall, Mitton Hall,  The Inn at Whitewell and Cote How in the Lake District.  

2. Hire a doggy babysitter. 

Do you have a dog walker? How about hiring them to look after your dog on the day of the wedding. This works great if you’ve got different locations during the day time and they aren’t all dog friendly. It’s also great for just one person to be in charge of your furry pal – so you can concentrate on chatting to guests and enjoying your day too! There are some pet sitting companies out there that offer this as a one off service for weddings. 

3. Make sure they dress the part. 

It’s a wedding after all! There’s loads of crazy dog owner shops online where you can get everything from bowties to tutus for your doggy friends. And who doesn’t look good in a floral collar? 

4. Have somewhere quiet that they can go to.

Not all doggos will appreciate being cuddled by loads of guests so make sure there’s somewhere quite they can sneak away to if it gets a bit overwhelming. Some venues will allow you to leave dogs in your bedroom but not all so make sure you check this before the day! 

5. Make a doggy day of it! 

If your wedding venue is very doggy friendly why not allow your guests to bring along their furry friends too?  

6. Plan a doggy honeymoon

If your furry child can’t make it to the wedding day why not plan a short break away to somewhere lovely and dog friendly in the UK before heading off on your main honeymoon? There are soooooooo many gorgeous doggy friendly properties in the UK. We’re big doggy holiday lovers and our favourite spots are Anglesey, Northumberland and Norfolk.