Conversation with some fellow wedding photographersthis week about what our favourite part of the day is and without hesitation I said – the confetti shot. I love it. For me it sort of epitomises all the good things about a wedding – guests, laughter, colour and just a bit of chaos. It’s one of my most requested shots and having now shot over 150 weddings I’ve seen some amazing confetti moments and some that have been a little lackluster. So here’s a few tips to get the best confetti shot from your big day.

The first thing to consider is location.┬áDiscuss with your photographer the best place to have your confetti shot. Traditionally they are done as the couple leave church but many churches are now reluctant to allow confetti in the grounds so it’s worth checking with your church or venue to see what their rules are. Your photographer may also suggest a better or more picturesque location for the confetti shot but bear in mind that you need to have it somewhere convenient so your guests are not trekking too far.

The Confetti itself. Less and less guests are bringing their own confetti to weddings. So don’t depend on them to provide the goods. Yes, I’ve photographed that wedding where one grandma had one box of confetti and we shared it round and everyone got two pieces. Not quite the colourful, joyous spectacle the couple were imagining. Best to provide your own. And in doing so of course you can make sure it fits in with your styling. Companies such as Flumpy Buttons provide a massive range of colours and combinations for you to choose from. Or what about real petals – these always looks amazing. Or you could even make your own – check out ebay for some awesome paper punches in pretty much any shape you can imagine. I’ve even had super dedicated couples dry the flowers

Finally – you’re ready to this thing. Hold your heads up high and SMILE! There you are – the perfect confetti shot.

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