Amber and Matt – Bashall Barn Wedding

Wow. August has been jam packed with amazing weddings and what a way to finish it off. It was a return to Bashall Barn for me to see Amber and Matt tie the knot in front of friends and family. In typical August Bank Holiday fashion – it rained. A LOT. But Amber and Matt didn’t let that get them down at all. 

“We got married at the end of August and Rachel was our wedding photographer. We had a full day of photography, Rachel arrived at my parents’ house at 11am and he colleague Matt arrived at my husband’s accommodation at a similar time – they then stayed with us snapping perfect moments until about 9pm, we received our preview a couple of days later and our 900 photo gallery 6 weeks later as promised. All 900 photos were perfect shots, even my Nan couldn’t find a single one to criticise – a feat in itself, well done Rachel!!!

On top of being a truly incredible photographer, Rachel is also a wonderful person (her being another Harry Potter and general bookworm definitely helped)! Rachel was so helpful for the entire day. She helped with corsages, buttonholes and drying flowers in the morning, gave me a few make up tips and general wedding day advice (though we still don’t really know what the garter is about) and also helped entertain the dog! Her and Matt kept me and my husband at ease all day, helped us escape for little breaks and most importantly didn’t make us do any posey photos that we didn’t want to do. They got the perfect balance of natural shots and a few staged shots and managed to make every staged shot fun for us and our wedding party.

I have nothing but praise for Rachel and would recommend her to absolutely everyone!”

Amber and Matt xx