Wedding Albums – Enjoy Your Images

Prints and albums are wonderful things, to see your images in print is a treat. This is why I strongly encourage my couples to think about a wedding album.

You’ve spent a fortune on the wedding itself and the thought of splashing more cash might not be that appealing. With all of my wedding packages you receive an online gallery of your edited images so you can of course go out and create your own prints and albums. But here’s the truth of the matter- they will not be a patch on the quality of albums that will be provided by your wedding photographer. You’ve received these beautiful, carefully edited, high resolution images and they should be shown off to their best.

I like lists. So here’s a list of reasons you should invest in a professional album

  • The printers are properly calibrated. This means the colours comes out just as they should and your images look their best. The high street printers are not necessarily as reliable in this area.
  • The ink and paper is archival meaning it’ll last longer without fading or the images loosing their quality.
  • They use the best materials to craft the albums meaning the quality is so much better than the high street suppliers.

You’ll notice I use the word investment. Purchasing a wedding album is precisely that. Each year it will become more precious to you and eventually it will be enjoyed and looked at by the next generation – at least that’s what’s happening in our house now (“Mummy – you look like a princess. Daddy – you didn’t have grey hair). In a few short years the investment you made in this album will seem very insignificant compared to the memories it holds and the the enjoyment it brings.

Flush Mount Albums

These layflat coffee book albums are beautiful, high quality albums.  Choose from a range of sizes, including parent book copies of the main album, and a range of gorgeous linen covers. A photo cameo on the front page shows of your favourite image.

Prices start from ¬£200 for a 10×10 inch 20 page album.

Please get in touch via the contact page for a full pricelist or to arrange a consultation to discuss your wedding plans. I photograph weddings in Manchester, Lancashire, Cheshire and the North West.