It’s  always a bit odd writing about yourself but I’m probably the one non-guest at your wedding that you’ll spend the most time is. So it’s worth making sure I’m not a weirdo. Or at least – I’m the right kind of weirdo for you! So let me tell you a little bit more about me. I’m based in lovely Lancashire where I live with my husband, our offspring and Bertie the Cavapoo (my third child and possibly my favourite). We love adventuring, seaside holidays and getting muddy feet. 


 A few fun facts. I have a serious book buying addiction (it’s getting to be an actual problem – we’re running out of shelves). I’m an avid collector of hobbies that I really don’t have time to do. I love house projects and my patient and talented craftsman husband realises all my crazy ideas. I’m a Harry Potter obsessive. Like, proper obsessive.  I’m devastated it’s no longer allowed as a topic on Mastermind. There goes my chance of fame.

I love an afternoon nap.  I know all the words to Ice Ice Baby and I have an actual zombie apocalypse plan.




I never planned on being a wedding photographer (I’m not sure anyone does!) and I definitely can’t claim I have a lifelong love of photography. In fact I only picked up a ‘proper’ camera back in 2011 when I was pregnant with my daughter and my hubby was spendy on electronics. And BOOM. I was hooked.  200 or so weddings later and I still pinch myself that this is my real life – actual-people – pay – me to do this – job. It’s smashing. Strangely enough, I’ve come to realise that it’s not the photography itself that does it for me. I love stories – reading them, watching them and hearing them and capturing them. A wedding gives me a chance to be a storyteller – and I just happen to use photographs to do that.



What’s great about wedding day stories is that they are layered – just like the best books and films. There’s more than one story in there! There’s your story – the two of you and how you met, your wedding planning journey and one of the most exciting days of your lives. But also the little intertwining stories of everyone you know and love who you’ve invited to be there with you. And the amazing, spine tingling part of my job is that I know the images I capture on a wedding day will still be telling those stories in years to come. To people who don’t even exist yet! That’s pretty bloody wonderful. 

I‘m ridiculously lucky to work with couples who trust me to photograph their big day. Couples who don’t put tradition above having fun. Couples who laugh a lot! Couples who aren’t bothered about having the biggest, bestest or most expensive wedding but who are much more interested in having the best party of their lives, making their day very ‘them’ and having fun whilst doing it. That’s the best kind of story to tell!

Serious stuff. There’s loads of proper grown up info on my FAQ page – please go and have a quick read. (I’ve basically taken one of those ‘What to ask your photographer’ articles you see in every wedding magazine and answered it!  Have a look through my website – there’s a blog full of beautiful real weddings, a portfolio with some of my faves and lots of wedding planning articles too. I love a good wedding chat so if you’d like to discuss the plans for your big day please do get in touch.