A Relaxed Wedding at Quarry Bank Mill

NEW favourite venue alert!!! Wow Quarry Bank Mill is an amazing venue. I’m such a history geek so venues like this always get me excited but Quarry Bank Mill is something else! I’m not at all surprised that Becky and Andy fell in love with it and chose it for their big day. The sun was shining, guests were smiling and it was a pretty perfect day!

Becky and Andy met at works Christmas party – despite having both worked there for months it was the first time they’d met in person. Quite soon after Becky moved to London for work by Andy just couldn’t stay away and followed her down there. After a couple of years in the big smoke the couple headed back up north to be with family (and because it’s just better right?) Becky and Andy were planning a holiday to America and Becky had a suspicion that Andy might take the opportunity to propose. So she was a bit surprised when he popped the question early on a weekend away! Becky was so taken back that her first response was that she hadn’t washed her hair! Happily for Andy, Becky did get over the surprise and gave him the answer he was after! 

Finding Quarry Bank Mill 

Becky: ” We had a long engagement, so plenty of time to plan! Wewere looking for a venue which was a bit different –Quarry Bank Mill has so much character and history, with beautiful grounds, but we knew if it rained we could still have amazing photos inside! Both of us had also visited the mill as children on a school trip, so it felt quite nostalgic to be back. We wanted our wedding to be quite quirky, with a whimsical feel- lots of bunting, wild flowers, and homemade touches. I’m quite crafty and love having a project on the go, so I’ve made all the decorations including over 100 metres of bunting. We got our families involved too- one of my sisters is making the cake, my other sister is doing my makeup and everyone has been collecting jars for the flowers for months, so no one escaped! It makes it feel more special to know everyone’s involved.”

Wedding Ceremony at Quarry Bank Mill 

I headed to Quarry Bank Mill to meet Andy before the ceremony. The sun was beaming and the guests mingled with visitors to the historic building. Before long we had the heads up that Becky was on her way so Andy rushed inside for the ceremony to await her arrival. One of the great things about Quarry Bank mill is the amount of space available for your wedding. Whilst the ceremony was taking place on one floor, the room for the wedding breakfast had already been set up on another. As soon as the ceremony was over we all headed out to the grounds to enjoy the amazing sunshine and beautiful surroundings. I pinched the newlyweds away to explore the gardens – there’s so much choice for portraits! I could have explored them for hours and hours. After the couple had enjoyed their meal we went exploring again and found more beautiful spots. 

Huge congratulations to Andy and Becky – thank you so much for inviting me to capture your day and relive my own history school trips! Here’s a few of my favourites from your day. 

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